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Product Guarantee

The Product Guarantee Provided By Machines Bearing The TURQUM® Quality Mark provides

  •  That the requirements for the CE Mark are met,
  •  That the product is manufactured according to Quality Management System conditions,
  •  That the product conforms to the technical and performance parameters in the product conformity assessment specifications determined to  achieve product quality,
  •  A specific guarantee period varying by the product,
  •  Spare Parts guarantee for 10 years,
  •  High quality services guarantee for a period of 10 years after sales,
  •  That the manufacturer has met technical tests,
  •  The guarantee of the previously approved quality with annual audits,( the product will continue to meet the certified quality standards over time  by means of the obligatory monitoring system)
  •  Audit and control assurances performed by independent and objective auditors,
  •  Customer Satisfaction
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