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What is TURQUM®?

TURQUM®, a mark of quality is a registered mark affixed to products manufactured by the Turkish machinery sector. This mark is granted to the manufacturer upon approval through a “Certification Process” that a machine comply with the predetermined product standards and technical specifications.

The manufacturer or manufacturer-exporters shall obtain the right to use this TURQUM® quality mark which is not mandatory if the Machinery and Accessories are found to meet certain prerequisites (bearing a CE mark, implementation of Quality Management System etc.) following independent audits to be conducted at the production area. This quality mark certifies the reliability and quality of Turkish machinery and its technologies.

The mechanism for granting this mark to the manufacturer is not based on a system for the testing and control of only the final product but is also an objective and systematic approach foreseeing that the whole production system of the manufacturer is of a certain qualification and quality.

Products bearing the TURQUM® Quality Mark guarantee an effective level of quality in the machinery sector. Said certificate and right of use of the Mark continues as long as the manufacturer desires to use the mark provided that the control audits performed periodically are successful. This certification procedure provides the highest level of guarantee in an objective and transparent manner. In the event of any non-conformity with the standards and specifications is found during the regular controls made with certified companies, the right to use the mark may be temporarily suspended and is cancelled if the non-conformance is not remedied.

TURQUM® Quality Mark, is a product certification for the Turkish machinery sector which covers

  • Audits for validating the capability of the company and the production system
  • Quality Management System in production
  • Product Safety
  • Product quality
  • Warranty conditions
  • Service and after sales services
  • Regular control audits

TURQUM® is not only a quality mark but is a certification process prepared with the guidance of international standards covering the adequacy of after sales services starting with the production, guarantees and product assurance for a wide portfolio for consumers.



The manufacturer of the product bearing the TURQUM® Quality Mark provides at least 2 years of warranty that varies with the product, that it does not have any material, labor and production faults and shall function in order (“when the conditions of use given in the user manual are taken into consideration”)


The manufacturer of the product bearing the TURQUM® Quality Mark has a user manual and delivers this manual to the customer along with every product it sells.


The manufacturer of the product bearing the TURQUM® Quality Mark is able to provide the spare parts for the product it sells for a period of 10 years after the sales date.


The manufacturer of the product bearing the TURQUM® Quality Mark provides high quality and reliable after sales services for the product for a period of 10 years.

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