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The system related to the granting of the TURQUM® Quality Mark has been structured under the lead of a supreme committee called “Science and Technology Superior Advisory Committee.” This committee which is acting within the frame of the principles of objectivity, independence and transparency consists of representatives from the universities, trade associations, private sector and some public sector organizations. It also provides opinion and recommendations on the certification policies. This Committee acts as the Advisory Board guaranteeing the objectivity of the Sub-Committees in the Certification activities. Within the scope of the certification activity, in the audits performed by independent auditors at the production place of the manufacturer, which has applied to obtain the TURQUM® Quality Mark, controls are made to determine whether the manufacturer meets certain safety and technical conditions.

Companies meeting audit criteria are given the TURQUM® Quality Mark use rights by the Certification Committee. If non-conformities are found out in the audits, first they are remedied and a new audit is conducted if necessary. When the Certification Committee decides to grant the TURQUM®  Quality Mark, it will issue the corresponding certificate, authorise the company to use the TURQUM®  Quality Mark and update the Register of Certificates. The right to use the TURQUM® Quality Mark continues under the condition that periodical verifications made each year within the same context of the first certification are successful. Besides these periodical controls, extraordinary controlling activities are organized on a case-by case basis as a result of complaints from the customers.

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