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Certification Process

TURQUM® Quality Mark certification process consists of 5 phases:

 ¨      Application; Application by the manufacturer by filling out the application form and submitting mandatory documents in its attachment to OAIB in order to obtain the right to use the TURQUM® Quality Mark

 ¨      Document Examination:

The documents conceded in the application are checked by the OAIB in order to verify compliance of the mandotary documents.

 ¨      Audit at the Facility; is the examination of the conformance of the manufacturer to the conditions specified in the “Product Conformity Assessment Specifications” by the audit team at the manufacturer facilities. This audit includes stages such as the document, production and quality processes, equipment, personnel, test activities, final product examination.

 ¨      Certification; Product Conformity Assessment Agreement is signed with those manufacturers whose conformance to Product Conformity Assessment Specifications has been determined in previous stages and they are given the right to use the Product Conformity Assessment Certificate and TURQUM® Quality Mark.

 ¨      Monitoring; is the monitoring of the continuous conformance of the products of the manufacturer who has obtained the right to use the TURQUM® Quality Mark to the Product Conformity Assessment Specifications by methods such as controls and customer complaints.

Product Conformity Assessment Specifications(PCAS):

 Is the related document prepared by the Sector Committees formed for the product by OAIB and which includes the conditions and technical regulations that the manufacturers are required to meet in order to obtain the TURQUM® Quality Mark.


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